How To Make Your Familys Dentist Visit Less Painful

Lets face it, both adults and kids are scared of dental visits and some may only go to the dentist only when forced to do so. If you have dental anxiety, deal with it as soon as possible as it can have a negative effect on your oral health. As a dad, it is good to be a healthy role model for your family especially your kids.

This also applies when it comes to oral health. You can achieve this by visiting the dentist regularly. This shows your children that visiting the dentist is important and they should not be afraid of visiting a dentist. Therefore, as a parent, it is good to try as much as you can to overcome dental anxiety to make your kids visit easier. Here are tips to help you and your family members overcome dental anxiety:

Consider Visiting a Sedation Dentist

Many people fear dental visits due to anxiety over the visit and the discomfort associated with dental cleanings. If these two things are making you or your children feel anxious about your dental visit, consider visiting a sedation dentist. This is because of the fact that a sedation dentist knows how to control the pain associated with dental procedures using anesthesia.

When you visit a sedation dentist, he or she will determine the level of anesthesia you or your child needs during a dental visit. Level of sedation vary. Some levels of sedation make people completely asleep while with others, a person will be awake with limited pain. As such visiting a sedation dentist can help you deal with some if not all of the causes of your dental anxiety. And the good thing is that a sedation dentist does not charge a lot for their services.

Distract Yourself during Dental Procedures

Many people say that they dont like the sound produced by the dental drill (a tool used by dentists to perform many dental procedures). If you dont like this sound, distract yourself by listening to music while a dental procedure is being performed. It may be a good idea to carry headphones or earphones as this will offer the required distraction.

I know that this solution may seem awkward to some. It is good to ask your provider about this to ensure that they are comfortable with you listening to music while they are working on your teeth. If the dentist or hygienist does not have a problem with this listening to music, you or your child can listen to your favorite music while your teeth are being worked on.

You can also choose to listen to a podcast. Regardless of what you choose, your main goal should be to look for something that keeps you or your child distracted from the dental procedure. You can block out the loud sounds by choosing appropriately sized headphones.

Look for headphones that properly fit inside your ears or your childs ears as they are not obstructive to the dental procedure being performed. Avoid those earphones that fit over your ears or your childs ears as they can be obtrusive. If the dental procedure will take long such as a root canal and multiple fillings, carry a backup pair of headphones.

Talk to Your Dentist
Talking to your dentist is very important and should be your first course of action. The tips above will not be helpful in any way if you dont talk to your dentist. Talking to your dentist will solve your anxiety in the dentists office. Your dentist should know that he or she has an anxious patient.

Dentists understand that dental anxiety is common. So, they are not shocked to learn that you have it. A dentist knows how to handle those with dental anxiety. A dentist can ease your dental anxiety by telling you what he or she is going to do or distract your child with cool toys while performing a dental procedure. Your dentist is your best friend when it comes to oral health and as such it is good to tell him or her about any concerns you have regarding a dental procedure.